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1. No Liability on the part of the County of Dufferin ("the County") or any other parties that have provided data for this site.

(i) The recipient acknowledges that the County and all other data supplies do not represent nor warrant that the mapping data ("the data") supplied is accurate, free of error, current or up-to-date. In consideration of being supplied with the data, the recipient acknowledges and agrees that the use of the data is at the sole risk of the recipient and subject to the terms and conditions listed below in paragraph 2.

(ii) The recipient further covenants and agrees to save harmless and indemnify the County, its elected officials, employees, agents, successors and other data providers and assigns in respect of any and all actions, claims, or demands which may be brought against or made upon the County, its elected officials, employees, agents, successors, assigns or data providers for damages, losses or expenses of any kind, including but not limited to, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, or special damages, whether in the form of lost profits, lost business revenue, failure to realize expected savings, or any other commercial or economic loss arising out of or in connection with the aforesaid mapping data supplied to the recipient.

(iii) For the purpose of this agreement, the term "Data" will be used to describe any written, printed or electronic information.

2. Terms and Conditions applicable to Recipients of Mapping Data

A) The County must be acknowledged as the source of the data with Business data provided by the County and additional data supplied by various sources:

B) The recipient will not market or disclose the data to third parties without the express written permission of the County, and then only on such terms as may be approved by the County.

C) The recipient acknowledges that release of this data by the County does not constitute conveyance of any rights of ownership of the data to the recipient.

D) The data and the County's authorization to use same may not be transferred without the express written permission of the County, and then only on such terms as may be approved by the County.

E) The Interactive Map is not intended to replace a survey or to be used for legal description.

F) The recipient will endeavor to bring to the attention of the County any errors detected in this data

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